The Melisses Hotel In Greece

While some may think that the Mediterranean Sea is the only attraction in Greece, those who truly know the country know that there is more to see and do on land than at sea. One of the most popular places on Earth, Greece has a wealth of natural beauty and cultural heritage that attracts visitors from all over the world. Melisses hotel offers an exclusive experience for those who want to enjoy all that Greece has to offer without having to travel too far or spend too much money.

Melisses hotel is the best in greece because of their amenities, service, and ambience. Melisses hotel boasts a relaxing atmosphere with great service for all their guest. From the moment you walk into our lobby you are greeted by our friendly staff who will help find your way to the room that suits your needs. There are many different varieties of rooms to choose from, but no matter what you pick, you can be assured that its 5-star quality accommodation.

Melissa’s hotel reputation all depends on the person you ask. Some people say that the food is always fresh, but others would disagree. The staff are usually very friendly and will help with any request, but other times there are certain staff that are unwilling to help or answer questions.

The opinion of Melissa’s hotel can change depending on who you are asking. Some people say the food is always fresh while others disagree.

The Melisses Hotel, Room

The first thing that struck me about Melisses Hotel was the grandeur of the lobby. The front desk is well staffed with helpful employees, which is a nice change from some hotels where you can wait for ages at the counter. The lounge area has comfortable chairs, but it’s mostly used for breakfast service, or to hold business meetings. The room size was also notable – not too small and not too large.

Restaurant And Dining Room
After a long and busy day at work, it’s so rewarding to take the time to treat oneself with a nice meal. A great place for this is Melisse in Andros, Greece. It has an impressive wine selection and wonderful dishes that combine traditional French cuisine with Californian flavors. In addition to the food, the restaurant offers beautiful accommodations for business or pleasure trips. Guests can enjoy a luxurious resort experience from the moment they arrive at their room.

The Melisses Hotel, Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool
Melisses’s hotel swimming pool is open for guests to enjoy during the summer months. Located on the south side of the building, this sparkling, crystal clear water will cool you off just in time for your vacation. Swimming laps in the pool is not permitted, however guests are welcome to use the steps that lead into the water to splash around and have fun.

The Melisses Hotel, Food

The hotel is now equipped with a full-service restaurant, bar lounge, and rooftop pool which offers panoramic views of the city. Melisses Hotel is designed for guests who desire a modern hotel experience coupled with old-world charm, and this is evident in their food and drink facilities.

Event Facilities
Melissa’s hotel is a perfect venue for all your event needs. Whether you are planning an intimate wedding reception or a large corporate meeting, the space is perfect. With over 100 guest rooms and 15,000 sq ft of banquet space, they can accommodate any size party. The hotel offers valet parking and catering options which will make planning an event even easier for you! They also have multiple conference rooms that can be used during the day or night.

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