The Kirkenes Snowhotel, Hotel In Norway

In the northern Norwegian region of Kirkenes, sits a town full of unique feats and natural beauty. Kirkenes is home to a number of attractions, including the iconic Snowhotel, which stands as the world’s first all-snow hotel. This year, Kirkenes has been designated a national tourist destination drawing in a record number of visitors from around the world.

Kirkenes Snowhotel is a magical place for those who want to feel the northern lights, as it’s one of the most northerly structures in Europe. Situated in Norway, Kirkenes is a small fishing village. The Snowhotel is a hotel made from ice and snow where guests can stay year-round.

There is a hotel in Kirkenes, Norway that you’re probably not thinking about – the Kirkenes Snowhotel. The hotel consists of more than just a bed and breakfast. It’s an experience of the coldest temperatures outside of Siberia, with indoor ceilings made of ice. Have you ever slept in a place where it was colder than -20 degrees Celsius outside.



Kirkenes Snowhotel is a unique and awesome lodging option for those who love winter activities. Visitors to the snowhotel can choose from different room types, including single rooms with shared showers, double rooms with shared showers, and family rooms with private facilities. There are also communal areas available where visitors can meet other guests or relax by playing board games or watching DVDs on the TV.

Kirkenes Snowhotel is a unique hotel where all of their food and drink is made from scratch. With a menu consisting of traditional Norwegian dishes with a modern twist, guests can enjoy fresh seafood dinners in the elegant dining room or in front of a fireplace in the lobby. The menu offers a combination of local, organic ingredients and imported foods that are used to create flavorful dishes.

The Kirkenes Snowhotel, Dining Room

Restaurant And Dining Room
Many snow holidaymakers may not know that there is a snow hotel restaurant in Kirkenes, Norway. The venue offers different food and beverage options for guests to enjoy. Guests can also order dishes through the room service menu and have them delivered right to their rooms. There are even some special events and parties planned for this month to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Swimming Pool
At Kirkenes Snowhotel, the guests have the opportunity to swim outdoors in the open air. The outdoor swimming pool is located just outside of the main building. Guests can enjoy gorgeous views of the Arctic Ocean and surrounding mountains while they are swimming mid-winter.

The Kirkenes Snowhotel, Event Facilities

Event Facilities
Kirkenes Snowhotel Event Services is a company that specializes in management of facilities, equipment and personnel for indoor and outdoor event planning. Kirkenes Snowhotel Event Services has dealt with various events ranging from corporate conferences to weddings and is now looking to expand their services with the opening of a new facility just outside of Oslo, Norway. They want to provide their unique service and experience internationally with the goal of attracting businesses and private parties.

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