The Kastraki Epavlis, Hotel In Greece

Kastraki Epavlis hotel is a breathtaking hotel located on Greece’s Peloponnese peninsula. Kastraki Epavlis offers visitors a chance to escape the world and enjoy a relaxing vacation. The hotel has a long list of amenities, including an outdoor pool, tennis courts, bicycles for exploring the surrounding area, and an evening water show. Tasteful surroundings await you in this luxurious getaway destination.

Kastraki Epavlis hotel is the best in Greece. This establishment features a range of services, including meeting rooms, conference rooms, and gardens. The food is made with fresh ingredients every day and the staff are always happy to help guests. Don’t hesitate to book your stay at this wonderful hotel!

Kastraki Epavlis has been a popular hotel for many years because of the beautiful views and the outstanding customer service. The hotel’s reputation is positive, but it has been recently affected by some less than satisfactory reviews from customers who have stayed there. Some customers have complained that the food wasn’t good, while others were disappointed with their room service.

The Kastraki Epavlis, Room

Kastraki Epavlis hotel is a luxury retreat on a beautiful Greek island. There are 60 hotel rooms, with varying amenities. Some of the room amenities include air conditioning, Jacuzzi bathtubs, and balconies overlooking the sea. The Kastraki Epavlis is a private beach hotel, so all guests have access to the beach within walkig distance from their room.

Restaurant And Dining Room
The Kastraki Epavlis hotel is in the beautiful Ionian Sea in Greece. The hotel has a restaurant and dining room for guests to enjoy when not exploring the region. There are many choices of food to order at the restaurant, ranging from Greek to international dishes. The elegant dining room is perfect for social occasions or meetings. The tables can seat up to 75 people each, with banquet facilities available.

The Kastraki Epavlis, Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool
Kastraki Epavlis hotel is situated in the beautiful, sunny island of Crete. The hotel offers tons of services and amenities, but their swimming pool area is probably one of their best features. The pool has a large size and cool water that is perfect for all ages. It also has comfortable lounge chairs.

The Kastraki Epavlis, Food

Located on the outskirts of Athens, Greece, Kastraki Epavlis hotel offers an array of culinary and beverage options for their guests. On-site dining options include a restaurant and bar. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and can accommodate group events. Cocktails and international wines are available at the bar while Greek wines also accompany dinner choices. Guests can enjoy drinks in the garden with live music or by the poolside with a bar service.

Event Facilites
Kastraki Epavlis hotel is a luxurious, five-star resort located on the eastern coast of Crete. It provides guests with picturesque views of the sea, as well as exceptional service. The resort has multiple event facilities for weddings, conferences, and other special occasions.

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