The Hotel Jakarta, Hotel In Netherlands

The Hotel Jakarta is one of the most luxurious hotels in the Netherlands. It has everything you would need to have a pleasant stay, including spacious rooms with high ceilings and giant windows overlooking the canals of Amsterdam, a bar on the ground floor with an impressive selection of beers, and a restaurant serving traditional Indonesian cuisine with modern twists.

Hotel Jakarta is one of the best hotels in the Netherlands. The rooms are spacious and comfortable with all the amenities you need for a long vacation. The location is great, close to both Amsterdam and Utrecht. You’ll feel like you’re on vacation during your stay here. Jakarta also has two restaurants, both of which serve authentic Indonesian food.

Foreigners are often surprised when they find out that Jakarta, Amsterdam is home to 5 star, luxury hotels. Historically, it has been much more difficult for foreigners to visit the country because of the many political restrictions in place. Now though, with an easing of visa restrictions in recent years, more and more travelers are able to visit this part of the world for both business and pleasure.

The Hotel Jakarta, Room

Hotel Jakarta is a great resort catering to international travelers. It has all of the amenities one would need for a pleasant stay. The Hotel Jakarta offers over 550 rooms with modern amenities such as WiFi and safety deposit boxes so that guests can enjoy their stay. There are also two restaurants, three bars, and three coffee shops available at the hotel for those looking to grab a bite to eat or socialize with friends and family members.

Restaurant And Dining Room
The Hotel Jakarta restaurant serves up Indonesian cuisine with a modern twist. Overlooking the hotel’s beautiful grounds, it is the perfect spot for breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack or dinner. Try their signature dish, Nasi Goreng Kampong Makassar, a traditional dish of mixed vegetables on hot rice. For lunchtime munchies there are fresh sandwiches and salads on offer to keep you satisfied until dinner time.

The Hotel Jakarta, Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool
The swimming pool in the Hotel Jakarta is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. The pool and surrounding area is only accessible to guests, however it is possible to book a day pass in advance. The swimming pool offers the usual amenities such as- towels, sunscreen, and lounge chairs.

If you are traveling to Jakarta, it’s always best to stay at a hotel with plenty of food and drink options. Hotels like the Artha Gading offer everything you need for your stay in Jakarta at affordable prices. You can choose from Thai, Indian, Japanese, Italian cuisine or simply order room service for coffee and wine. The hotel also offers great amenities like a poolside bar, fitness center, and intimate spa. They also offer free WiFi throughout the entire property.

The Hotel Jakarta, Event Facilities

Event Facilities
Hotel Jakarta is a perfect destination for anyone looking for an event venue. With many beautiful locations, we can meet your needs and exceed expectations.

We offer beautiful locations that vary from hotel ballroom to outdoor terrace with stunning views of the river. From wedding ceremonies to corporate events, we have the perfect space for you and your guests. We’re here to help you find the best package by offering personalized assistance and tailored packages.

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